Fergus, Champion of Grasses

I should slightly amend what I wrote in the previous post, below.  It was Wembley, the older of our two Brussels Griffons, who was more than happy to chip in to help trim the lawn.  Fergus, on the other hand, decided that that the grasses are his friends, and he did everything he could to stop us from cutting them (and ostensibly their lives) short.  He went so far as to throw his body in front of the evil pushmower.  Even though he’s neutered, dude still has balls.

By the way, here are some helpful pictures some kind Brussels Griffon lover put together to help illustrate the resemblance between the breed and ewoks.  (In case you aren’t familiar with Brussels Griffons… or ewoks (though if you don’t know what ewoks are, you have bigger problems.))


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