This year, Ken’s plan is to grow up some new grass.   Ideally, it will be soft, green, and evenly spread across the yard.  Last year, the lawn wasn’t quite such a dirt-pit, but we definitely didn’t have grass qua grass.  We had something that I’d call weed-grass, and it was thick and tufted, hard to mow, and sort of ugly.  And extremely hard to pull out of the ground.  One tip I’ve learned in my short time as an amateur gardener:  if it’s small and has roots THAT strong, it can’t be good.

The new grass project has been tricky so far.  We put some seed down late fall of last year just to see what would happen.  It kind of grew – but mostly it was very patchy and then it got cold.  This year, we’ve already tilled the yard so that the ground is ready for a bunch of new grass seed, and now we’re just waiting until it’s warm enough.  It’s April 1 and, though we’ve had weather in the 70s, it’s kind of settled around the 40s/50s this past week.  We are thinking we’ll put the grass seed down next week and see what’s what.

The trick will be to keep the dogs off it so they don’t a) dig massive holes where we want the new grass to grow, b) eat the grass seed, c) eat the baby grass, d) generally undermine us.

We have good reason to worry.  The dogs didn’t like last year’s grass either – so much so that they tried to do their part to keep the lawn at bay, by grazing across it like cows.  This is cute.  But grazing dogs = vomiting dogs.   FYI.

Wembley helping us keep the lawn closely-cropped:


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