Watching Grass Grow

Day 1 - April 7

So here we go. Day 1 of starting a lawn from seed. I’ve written exhaustively about it in this post:

Long story short: I pulled up all the crappy grass from when we moved in and we’re trying to grow nice new grass from scratch. Kentucky Bluegrass to be specific. I’m a little worried that I’ve planted too soon, but time will tell.

Day 2 - April 8

Day 2. Slightly disappointed that the grass hasn’t grown yet, but that’s why this page is called “Watching Grass Grow.” Come back frequently to watch grass grow.

Day 3 - April 9
Day 4 - April 10
Day 5 - April 11
Day 6 April 12
Day 7 - April 13

A keen eye might notice not a damn thing happening back there. Of course, if you’ve gotten this far in the page, I’m just going to assume you’re committed to this, and rooting for our back yard. For that, I thank you.

It’s been a bit chilly, and it won’t be until next week before we reach the ideal 60-65 degree daytime temperatures for grass germination. Perhaps things will perk up then.

Day 8 - April 14
Day 9 - April 15
Day 10 - April 16
Day 11 - April 17
Day 12 - April 18
Day 13 - April 19
Day 14 - April 20

Hey, what’s all that gunk? It’s green, but it doesn’t look like grass. Good question. It’s not grass. It’s a special, secret formula of stuff that should hopefully help the grass grow, because it’s clearly hasn’t been. What am I talking about? I’ve posted all about it here.

Day 17 - April 23
Day 18 - April 24
Day 19 - April 25

I give up. This isn’t working. Even my new strategy isn’t working.


Day 27 – May 3

Day 28 – May 4


Day 30 – May 6

Day 31 – May 7

Day 32 – May 8

Day 33 – May 10

Day 34 – May 11

Day 35 – May 12

Day 36 – May 13

Day 37 – May 14


9 thoughts on “Watching Grass Grow

  1. yeah, this is just bananas. It’s been at least three weeks and there has been little to no sign of things growing. So unless we do some major surgery in the fall – replacing ALL of the dirt, I think this might be a lost cause for the spring.

  2. Yay!!!!! The grass looks great! Plus all the rain this week! (PS I can’t believe I’m commenting on a blog post about grass growing.)
    (PPS floppy hat tea party Margaret!)

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